1.collaborate as a group and create a song
2.use literary devices and /or idioms
3.reflect upon the language
4.reinforce ability in the use of ICT


convert a rock song into a rap one – changing the genre, keeping the lyrics, recording and uploading it.
All groups from all the countries might work on a single song: we can decide who will start and then how to go on. Each group can suggest changes to what the previous one has done. In the end we might have a general revision. If students agree on a rap song, it shouldn't be so difficult to respect rhythm.



Here come some of my proposals for STEP 4 (in fact in the wiki is step 6): COMPOSING SONGS:
To make things easier, I think each country could record their students singing the translated songs into English from different countries. This singing could be a RAP RYTHM, like a chant. You could use any podcast you like. I'm thinking of using ( a funny way of podcasting). These podcasts could be uploaded in the twinspace or national blogs and ultimately in the international blog. Just some of the songs, not all of them.
And to finish off the project we could create a kind of HYMN TO THE PROJECT. Eva from the Czech Republic can help with that. She has offered to create a melody, send it to us and then each country can contribute to a stanza (the lyrics will be written by students). Then Evas's choir will perform it and podcast it.

What do you think?

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