our music scene




1. getting students involved using a topic they are familiar with;
2. getting information about students' background;
3. getting students to know more about the musical culture of their partners' countries;
4. working in groups


1) Individually, students can write about the music they like, their favourite singers/bands…, the festivals and concerts they have been to, if they are part of any fan club, if they have any autograph from a famous singer/musician…
They can take part in chats and forums in the twinspace and share their preferences (IN TWINSPACE, ETWINNING.NET) and NATIONAL BLOG might be better?superscript

(from 29th Sep to 10th Oct): 2 weeks

2) In national groups. Each group can work on one of the following: (IN THE WIKI) and NATIONAL BLOG might be better

2.1. Description of the music scene in each country: which singers/bands are now popular, genres. In which languages do they sing’ Are there any who sing in English? Are lyrics important?

2.2. the official TOP TEN CHART in each country, analyzing it: give information about singers/bands, the songs, consider the language they use…

2.3. our TOP TEN CHART: students within the group design their own chart, again analyzing it.

2.4. OUR PARENTS TOP TEN CHART: interview their parents and design the chart, again analyzing it

2.5. OUR GRANDPARENTS TOP TEN CHART: interview their grandparents and design the chart, again analyzing it.

They can chat or discuss in a forum about the differences between the music in the different generations… (in THE BLOG)

2.6. EVENTS in my city, region, country: popular festivals, concerts. Write reviews.

2.7. ENGLISH WORDS RELATED TO MUSIC IN MY LANGUAGE. A billboard of most common ones.

From Oct 13th to Nov 14th (one month)

**3) In international groups (one member of each country in each group):
Assign a secretary: students have to agree to work on one of the songs in the CHARTS. Comment on it: vocabulary, idioms…) and prepare a worksheet to work on for other students to do. (IN THE WIKI)

A forum can be created: are pop/rock songs a good way to learn a language? Why/why not? (IN THE BLOG)

From Nov 17thto Dec 12th (one month)

In all sections: they can include videos from youtube, podcasts…


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