European Day of Languages

26th September, EDL. Which is your sticker? Find out and paste it here.


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The main aims of the European Day of Languages are to raise awareness of the rich linguistic diversity of Europe and to encourage people to learn more languages.
The year 2008 marks the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

Please, find attached below (files) a worksheet about EDL ( reference site to be used with your students, as a preparation for the day. It contains facts and figures about languages in Europe, facts about learning languages and others.
It also deals with regional languages, being 2008 the 10th Anniversary of the Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.
You will see that I prepared some questions for students to think about it regarding our language, Catalan (this part is highlighted in pink because if you are going to use the worksheet, you should change that somehow).

I think EDL is going to be a good opportunity to get to know each other, and also about our languages (I know nothing about Lithuanian, for example).

Alessandra: The blog is ready. Students can use it even though their comments need to be approved before being published. Anyway that is something which can be done instantly.
Since the students will use also the chat in our twinspace, I think I will transfer there the forum which is now in the blog: it will be easier to use. The forum is, as to say, just for fun, a sort of warming-up activity. If you have further ideas, you can add threads there as well.
If there are many students, the chat might be a little bit chaotic: they should form groups and contact each other privately. Hopefully you know how to do it; we can, anyway, try it ourselves next week.
Groups can anyway be formed: some students might work on the blog, others in the twinspace chat and/or forum and then change roles.
As for a schedule, I suggest waiting a couple of days: I personally don't even know what classes I will have next Monday, impossible to know now about the 26 :(
As soon as we have our timetable ready, it will be easy to organize things and see who can work simultaneously. In the afternoon, of course, we can meet as well and go private, while our students chat with each other.
Feel free to edit this page, adding anything which might be done. For comments and suggestions, please use the discussion below.

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